How To Spend Your Cr Free Gems

In Clash Royale, you may run out of CR free gems fast if you really don’t know how to spend them. In fact, an opponent with less gems can defeat you if he knows how to spend his gems more. To avoid this, below are a few tips on how to spend your free gems.

For those who play for free, the main objectives are getting level 8 common cards, level 6 rare cards, level 3 Epic cards all and getting to Arena 7 as fast as possible where all the cards will be unlocked.

You have to save your CR free gems and minimize their usage. In fact you should only use them for purchases that will change the game in your favor. This implies that whatever you can achieve without the use of the gems should be done without them.

Secondly, you should use 500 gems to buy 10,000-gold bundle. To appreciate this deal, you need to recall the fact that it normally takes 100 gems to buy 1,000 gold. That means that 500 gems will buy only 5,000 gold. Suffice to say the deal gives you additional 5,000 gold.

You may not fully realize the importance of the additional 5,000 gold until you get to a certain stage in the game where you will need as much gold as possible. In fact, you will not only deplete all your gold to move forward but you will find out that no amount of gold will be enough for the game.

It will get to a point where you will need the gold bought with your CR free gems to upgrade your cards. The more gems you have the further you are likely to go in the game. So it is advisable to arm yourself with as many free gems as possible.

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